Bad Fashion Trends

Bad Fashion Trends

What a great year it has been for fashion as we saw a lot of trends that we absolutely adored such as the 90s t-shirt and pants. But this year also saw some of the worst trends that we’ve ever seen, really bad fashion trends. These include the micro mini sunglass and neon clothing.

This was mainly due to the fact that people had no choice but to adopt the trend when they became extremely popular. Let us look at a few trends that we do not want to see again in 2019.

Cold shoulder dress

Cold shoulder tops and dresses were so popular in 2018 that we quickly became tired of it. In order to prove this, look at the number of cold shoulder tops the next time you’re in a clothing store. It is definitely a thing that should be left behind as the all-too-familiar cut out sticking out from the rack has started to bum everyone out.

Cold shoulder dress


No no, we’re not talking about surgeries; we’re talking about plastic dresses that Chanel made. These included hats, gloves, and even jackets. Needless to say, people didn’t receive this very well, but that didn’t stop people from wearing them. Other clothing brands also followed suit such as Off White and Calvin Klein.

Faux Fur

Faux fur took over literally everything, and that especially included footwears. Sneaker and slides were often spotted with fur. What was once something that you rarely found people wearing became a full-blown trend. It may have been super comfy to wear, but it still looked extremely bad; besides, people can wear other sneaker and slides that do not have the fuzz which offers the same comfort.

Faux Fur

Micro mini glasses

It seemed as though everyone from Priyanka Chopra to even one of the Kardashians was backing this trend. However, the accessory looks extremely out of place, cheap and also distasteful. The resurgence of 90s fashion may have given us a lot to ogle over, but micro mini sunglasses should’ve stayed where it was.

Things That Will Be In Wardrobes In 2019

Things That Will Be In Wardrobes In 2019

Although it has only been a few weeks into winter, the focus in fashion is still on what the rave will be all about in 2019. But unlike other niches, fashion tends to tell us what will happen a season before it happens, thereby helping most of us buy fashion in advance.

In this article, we look at some of the pieces of fashion that will blow up this year.

Summer wear

Simple colors

No one can deny the impact that a suit delivers as it keeps everything fresh and timeless. Combining them with colors straight out of the color wheel, this was something that we saw being used extensively during the SS19.

The idea is to punch the same weights that similarly colored shirts or trousers pulled and in theory, it would do this effortlessly since the SS9’s style was already an eye-catcher. The emphasis, therefore, is given more to the color than the shape; although a full compromise of the shape isn’t going to be made.

Nostalgia Extreme

Going classic has always been in style but its relevance wouldn’t reach the peaks it will reach this year. The style that we saw in TV shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which is what the style is named after, feature graphics that are unique to the era; the 90s.

Emphasis is put more on the, and the colors are going to be happy and cheerful. The texture will feel rough whereas jackets and t-shirts that are multiple sizes larger than theirs will come to the fore. Don’t forget about denim jeans and denim shirts.

Prominence of utility

In what can be mildly put as a questioning move, Virgil Abloh, the newly appointed artistic director of Louis Vuitton, debuted by the introduction of accessomorphosis. The idea, in essence, joins wallets or even bags into the dress or clothing itself.

This trend is mainly due to the fact that feminism has finally made its way into fashion and it is bold as ever. Multi-tasking has been implemented into clothes which helps bring the piece of clothing to life as the trait is something very human. Cargo pants are also expected to make a comeback in this regard.


Accessories of this year will mainly feature ones that are made from feather or feather-like texture. This will range from earrings, tiaras and even heels to handbags, rings or even shoes in general.

The feathers will mostly be of birds.